Our Services

SAP Basis Support

We are specialized in supporting operations of SAP Basis / Netweaver component, always following the SAP Best Practices and with an special commitment to customer satisfaction. Some Administration tasks we perform over your platform, but is not limited, are described here:

  • System Administration
    • Performance analysis
      System monitoring and troubleshooting
      Actualización de componentes y kernel
      System and kernel update
      Perform periodic tasks

  • Manage Processes
    • Monitor background jobs
      Failure jobs analysis
      Monitor critical system processes (workprocesses, services, etc)

Migrations, Upgrades & Installations

We offer, based on our proven experience installing, upgrading and migration SAP solutions in Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean the last 20 years; high quality services for your implementation projects or to help you with the transition to a new release.

  • Services related:
    • SAP Solutions design and architecture
      Hardware Sizing
      Dissaster recovery plan
      High availability services
      Certified SAP System Migrations

Our consultants are certified by SAP for OS/DB migrations as per requirements of SAP note number 82478.

As added value, our services are provided at a fixed rate to provide customers confident and the advantage of keep their budget under control without desviations.

SAP HANA Platform

We have SAP HANA certified consultants ready to provide a reliable service for support, administration, installations and migrations. We actually have field experience working with SAP HANA with customers in the region in different scenarios, such as:

    • SAP HANA on-premise installations
      SAP HANA multi-tenant environments
      SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

In addition, in our own SAP HANA environment we were able to replicate scenarios and situations that has resulted in the resolution of customers incidents succesfully.

SAP Security Administration

We manage and improve your SAP system’s security by analyzing risks and ensure compliance with your industry’s regulations and best practices with SAP Security administration.
Our security administration services can provide the support you need and let you save without the cost of a full-time security team.

  • Some benefits of this approach:
    • Full administration of your SAP security environment
      Regular support for your internal SAP security team
      Pro-active view for detection of vulnerabilities

  • SAP Security administration includes:
    • User management
      Role security management
      GRC administration
      Comprehensive reports includes:
      User critical access
      Security violations
      Inactive logons and passwords
      System usage statistics
      Separation of duties

SAP Solution Manager Platform

We offer expert support for implementing and a quick deploy of scenarios such as Root Cause Analysis in order to allow your organization to get the most of your SAP platform by using SAP Solution Manager 7.2 tools.
Although application lifecycle management is technically a correct term for SAP Solution Manager, it doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s more like a collection of tools that links business, IT support and IT processes.
SAP Solution Manager’s most important functions revolve around system health. Technical Monitoring reports on system alerts and exceptions. Admins can see how availability, performance and configuration are affected. Documentation (organized by SAP Solution Manager) and other tools facilitate root cause analysis and resolution. You can create reports to help resolve issues, or assign tasks directly to the service desk.

SAP EarlyWatch is another crucial SAP Solution Manager tool, focusing more on overall system health. EarlyWatch checks system factors, including:

    • Resource Consumption
      Dialog Response Time
      Hardware Utilization
      Load Distribution

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is being reengineered from the ground up. It’s being developed on UI5 rather than Dynpros, and is run through SAP Fiori — an award-winning UX emphasizing commercial-grade design and ease-of use.

Virtualization Services

We support you to minimize your operating costs, reducing the TCO of your technical infrastructure by adopting virtualization technologies. CIO Services supports you in the design and construction of your infrastructure and data centers to be able to meet future needs. Likewise, we offer:

    • Sale and licensing of Vmware
      Service, installation and support
      Migrations - physical environments to virtual
      Disaster recovery
      Backup management
      Resource management and capacity planning
      Among others

SAP Functional Support

We cover requirements for improvements and functional implementations in the ABAP, FI, CO, MM and SD modules

Process & change management

We help our clients organize work based on the continuous improvement of activities within the organization. Order in the processes and management of policies that allow empowering process actors is our goal. Our work methodology, power the following areas:

    • Customer focused
      Staff involvement
      Process-focused approach
      Continuous improvement

Virtual CIO Services

Our virtual CIO service allows organizations to have IT management outsourcing, focused on optimizing the company's computing processes and resources in order to achieve higher productivity.

The roles of this virtual IT management office are as follows:

    • IT strategic planning
      IT investment plan
      Risk and security management
      Innovation in technology and processes
      Continuous business recovery

This service model pursues “savings in personnel recruitment and retention costs specialized ”,“ optimize the productivity of the organization's computing resources ”and "Keep your organization adhered to industry standards and best practices"